Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Action Point Update

Action Points

Every time a player character attains a new level he gets a number of action points (AP) equal to 5 + ½ character level. AP retained from the last level are lost. AP are only gained when attaining a new level.

You can spend 1 action point to improve an attack roll, a skill check, an ability check, a level check or a saving throw. When modifying one of these roll one or more d6, as determined by your character level (1d6 at levels 1st - 7th, 2d6 at levels 8th - 14th and 3d6 at levels 15th - 20th), and add the result of the highest roll to your d20 roll. You can not modify a roll if you are taking 10 or 20.
You can normally only use action points once in a round.
Certain feats and class features allow you to use action points in a different way.

You can also use action points on special actions. Basic special actions are presented bellow, but more are available to characters of certain classes or with special action feats:

Action Dodge: In place of an out-of-turn dodge you can by spending 1 action point make an action dodge as an immediate action. This gives you a +8 dodge bonus to armor class until your next turn begins but in doing so you give up that turn.

Activate Class Feature: You can spend 2 action points to gain another use of the special class features: bardic music, rage, smite evil, Stunning Fist, turn or rebuke undead, or wild shape.

Boost Defense: By spending 1 action point while fighting defensively you increase the dodge bonus to AC to +4; +6 if you have 5 ranks in the Tumble skill.

Defense Roll: Much like when inproving attack rolls or saving throws you can enhance your AC against one attack. If you have not used an AP for the round you can as an immediate action roll one or more d6 (d8 if you are a journeyman) and add the highest roll to your AC against a single attack. You must declare this use of AP before you are told weather the attck is a hit or a miss.

Extra Attack: While doing a full attack action you may spend 1 action point to gain one extra attack at your highest attack bonus.

Improving Feats: By spending one action point a feats effectiveness may be improved. The feats mentioned bellow can be used as a guideline for other feats.
Blind-Fight: By spending 1 action point you can negate the miss chance for your next attack roll.
Combat Expertise: By spending 1 action point you can double the benefit of this feat.
Dodge: If you spend 1 action point you can improve the dodge bonus granted by this feat to +2.
Improved Critical: You can spend 1 action point to triple rather than double your critical threat.
Improved Initiative: If you spend 1 action point you can increase the initiative modifier for this feat to +8.
Power Attack: You can spend 1 action point to double the bonus on damage rolls granted by the feat. For example a -4 penalty to your attack roll would grant you a +8 bonus to your damage roll if you where wielding a longsword or +12 if wielding a greatsword.
Spell Focus: If you spend 1 action point you can increase the DC of a spell by +2 rather than +1.
Spell Penetration: You can spend 1 action point to double the bonus on caster level checks granted by the feat, from +2 to +4. The effect lasts for the entire encounter.

Metamagic Feats: Spend action points to add the effect of one metamagic feat that you have to a spell you are casting. The spell uses a spell slot of it’s normal spell level and takes no extra time to cast if you are a bard or sorcerer. The cost is equal to 1 AP per spell level the metamagic would normally increas the spell level.
The spellcaster must have access to the spell level the metamagic would normally require. I.e. a quickened fireball could only be cast in this way by a 13th level wizard or a 14th level sorceror, as the spell requires a 7th level spell slot.

Rapid Spellcasting: By spending 1 action point you can reduce the casting time of a spell, reducing days to hours, hours to minutes and minutes to a standard action.

Spell Boost: Before casting a spell you can spend 1 action point to increase your effective caster level by 2.

Spell Recall: By spending 2 action point you can recall a spell cast in the previous round or avoid the loss of a daily spell slot if you do not prepare spells.

Stabilize: If your character is dying, you can spend 1 action point to stabilize at your current hit point total. This must be done before rolling the d100 to stabilize normally.

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Anonymous said...

Hej folkens,

Som i ser er der modificeret lidt i AP systemet.
De mest relevante ændringer ar at Feat emulering er røget ud og at to nye muligheder er indført, næmlig Action Dodge som giver out-of-turn dodge noget ekstra bid hvis man bruger det sommen med action points og Defense Roll som er et directe modstykke til det normale attack roll modificerende d6er slag.
Også metamagic anvendelsen er ændret således at prisen er afhængig af hvilken spell level den pågældende meatamagic modification vil kræve.
På denne måde håber jeg hovedsagelig at vi kan gøre AP systemet mere balanceret. Feat emulering er trods alt ikke en del af Eberron reglerne.