Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Seneshals Brev til Arakk

The Black Death Monastery

At the signing of The Iron Pact a score or so fortified towers where erected in and around the Greyfield to house the Knights of the Watch, who would guard that land.

One such fortress was Hoit’s Tower named after a then famous captain of the Knights of the Watch.

Abandoned and fallen to ruin many ages ago, this place has once again risen. In the YP 1016 Year of Falling Fire, members of the Cult of the Reaper gave new purpose to the old fortress. The Cult of the Reaper, a then fragmented almost forgotten sect of monks, rebuilt the old ruin and modified it to suit their needs. Was the Cult already then moving to bring back their god from his astral grave?

In YP 1027 the Year of Awakenings, Morgûl was brought back to life by a separate group of cultists.

The Cult of the Reaper has thrived and grown rapidly in the years following Morgûl’s return. The Reapers, as the cults members are sometimes called, have succeeded in converting monks all over the continent. The cult’s methods include seduction through promises of power, as well as extreme torture leaving the monks hovering over death’s door, an experience so traumatizing so as to permanently change the heart of the victim.

Individual Reapers of some power have allegedly infiltrated other monastic orders and corrupted some of their members unbeknownst to their brothers.

The Cult of the Reaper wholly embraces the ethos of the Morgûlian church. And fervently labor for the power of the church.

The philosophy of the cult revolves around the perfection of death. Life eternal is only achieved by forsaking life and the living. To achieve enlightenment the Reapers study all facets of death, including dying and the Wandering of Souls, as they call undeath.

A majority of the cult’s members are monks, though also fighters, rogues, clerics and necromancers have joined their ranks. Even though the cultists are commonly known as the Reapers, only a small elite of the sect have achieved the status of Reaper Monk.
The inner circle of the Black Death Monastery is made up entirely of Reaper Monks, most of which have entirely monastic backgrounds.

The leader of the inner circle is called the Reaper of Flesh and has mastered the greatest secrets of the Reaper Monks.

Powerful clerics and necromancers are among the teachers and spiritual guides of the sect. Also giving the sect well rounded powers and resources as well as control over various undead.


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