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Taliesin is a half-elf Sage/Priest/Mystic Theurge of Sehanine Moonbow. Taliesin is played by, well, Taliesin.

Taliesin is slightly above average height and weight for a half-elf, standing some 5’7” (ca. 170 cm) tall and weighing 148 lbs. His facial features are mostly akin to those of a high elf, though by careful observation a slight “square ness” will reveal his mixed heritage. The semi-long hair is dark blond, held in place by a headband, and the eyes are green. Taliesin usually wears loose robes of good quality in a shade of very light grey, proudly displaying a silver symbol of a crescent moon around his neck. He also wears a belt with several large pouches and a sheathed dagger. A well-used backpack is on his back and a staff in his right hand.

History and background:
Years ago the ranger Elwin and his younger brother Elÿas were the founders of a small adventuring band. Travelling widely around the lands of Avern, they trod many dangerous paths and had many adventures. On one of their journeys, Elÿas had suffered grave wounds and desperate to save his brother’s life, Elwin led the small band into the nearby realm of Angharradhi to seek a healer. The elves welcomed them, and they stayed in Angharradhi for a few weeks, while Elÿas recuperated. During the stay, the two brothers made the acquaintance of a young elf enchantress named Aileen, who eventually decided to join the adventurers. Quickly, she and Elwin feel in love. A few odd years later, as Elwin was starting to get past his prime and the group disbanded, the couple settled down in a small village deep in the Angharradhi forest. Within a year, Aileen bore a son, whom they named Taliesin.
Taliesin spent his early years in the village, where he was raised as any other elven child. Being of mixed blood, however, he soon outgrew his friends both in body and in mind. To compensate his parents therefore often travelled beyond the mountains to spend time with Elÿas, now retired as a sage in the village of Hammersdale. Here they would spend many months, allowing Taliesin to make friends in the village and to fully embrace his human heritage. In his uncle’s house, Taliesin soon discovered and began to nurture a natural aptitude for magic and knowledge, leading him onto the path of a sage.

Taliesin was nearly nine, when the dreams first started, which still at times occupy his sleep. Many nights in a row, he saw visions of himself as an adult. Sometimes in caverns, sometimes in forests or on mountains and sometimes in far away temples with walls covered by undecipherable symbols. Often he dreamed that heavy tomes surrounded him or that magic was flowing from his fingertips. And always he was wearing a silver crescent moon symbol around his neck and carrying a pale staff. As he finally woke up, he would have the uncanny feeling of being appointed a task and of searching.

Seeking enlightenment, Taliesin told his parents about the dreams. They in turn sent him to the local priest of Sehanine Moonbow, the elven Lady of Dreams. Though she could hardly explain everything, the priest had no doubt that the dreams were a sign that the Daughter of the Night Skies had chosen Taliesin to be her servant. In the following fifteen years, Taliesin therefore studied the ways of the Luminous Cloud, while simultaneously receiving extensive magical training through his mother, Elÿas and local Keeper of Lore, who took Taliesin as his apprentice. Later on, his training nearly complete, Taliesin has travelled in Angharradhi, Nova Nastara, the Heartlands and the areas north of the great mountain range, visiting the main cities and centres of learning. He has spent considerable time in the great library in Glamis, in the elven libraries in Angharradhi and with his uncle in Hammersdale.

Feeling a strong sense of duty as well as closeness with his deity, Taliesin determinedly takes on the role as guide or guardian, both of the body and of the spirit. In both aspects he will readily risk his own life for his friends and those in his charge. As for himself, he trusts to the guidance of Sehanine Moonbow in unravelling the mysteries and works that life will confront him with, including the dualities of the magic that he wields (divine and arcane) and his own being as a half-elf. He suspects that the Daughter of the Night Skies has appointed a special task or journey for him that he has yet to discern and therefore strive hard to perfect his own skills.

Taliesin proudly considers himself both man and elf, embracing both sides of his character, though he realizes that his mixed blood amongst some brand him as a misfit. He is generally a very tolerant and easygoing man, preferring reconciliation and compromise through strength of words rather than by conflict of arms. Taliesin cherishes the possibility of sharing his knowledge or wisdom or indulging in philosophical discussion, occasionally to an extent that ends up with greatly boring his listeners!

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