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The Avern year has 360 days, and is divided into twelve 30 day months. The first day of the year is the day after the Winter Solstice, and is the first day of the Midwinter month.

According to the common calendar the months are called: Midwinter, Cromtyth, The Thawing, The Seeding, Sharythal, Greenwind, Highsun, Harvesttide, Sélfarin, Leaffall, Stormhall, and Eris-sar.

These names are derived from the old druidic calendar and the ecclesiastic calendar.

Each month is consistent with a Sélfas-till or lunar cycle. The months are themselves divided into three ten day weeks. The days of the week are called: Luen, Maith, Mercher, Liaith, Gwener, Saten, Silen, Wythan, Naith, and Deggan.

Liaith also called Midrest is not a typical working day. It is the big market day, where people visit nearby towns to trade and barter.

Naith and Deggan are not working days either. Naith is by most faiths the temple day, where people go to mass at the temple of their patron deity. The remainder of the day is typically spent with family or friends preparing the Supper of the Faithful, which is an important bonding ritual for most families. Deggan is typically a day of merriment and relaxation where people put thoughts of work aside until Luen.

These festive days are observed by most common people of the heart lands, though exceptions are common during busy seasons such as harvest season.
Current Events


Recently Amroth faced the gravest threat from Dastana, the land of the Undead, since the Scourge of Morgul swept the land. The undead invaded Amroth in several locations, empowered by the Veil of Morgul. With the Veil effectively cutting off all divine magic, rendering clerics and paladins almost powerless – the undead advanced with great speed and the Royal Legion suffered a series of devastating defeats. It was not until a Knight of the Trinity, Duncan Fenwick recovered the relic “the Heart of the Sun”, that the Royal Legion was able to effectively fight back. In a number of hard-won battles, the tide of undead was stopped and the invasion halted. With the help of their allies; knights of Nova Nastara, the numerous mercenary companies in Amroth, and the churches of Asterioth and Helios, the Royal Legion has been able to drive the undead back – once again reaching a stalemate.
These days the endless skirmishes continue centered around the border with Dastana.
In response to this most recent threat, King Theomin III has begun the construction of the Royal College of War Magic, for the training of War mages. Aside from this, a number of rumours abound, chief among them that the King is planning an invasion into Dastana to once and for all cease the initiative and that the King plans to create a draft; making it law that all men aged 18-24 serve in the Royal Legion for at least one year, and that they remain available for duty until they reach 34.

Character introductions

Here follows a brief introduction to the characters of the party. Most of you have known each other for a number of years, probably since you were teenagers.

Eron Sunbow: Eron hails from a wealthy noble family, one of the few remaining in Amroth. He is the youngest of four brothers. His family are long time friends and allies of the Stark family, Eron’s father and Duke Stark fought together in service of the King. It was only natural that when Eron was 14 years old he was sent to Saron’s Gorge as the ward of the Stark family – to learn the warriors craft and experience life on the frontier. Eron has been taught to fight with the greatsword by Volgan Ravenscar, the Vors weapon master of House Stark – and has over the years developed a unique fighting style combining speed and strength. Eron is well liked in Saron’s Gorge and is know for being very protective of his honor, a trait which has gotten him into trouble on several occasions.

Erik Rainier: Erik is the son of Karl and Ada Rainier, Karl being the owner of the Black Willow lumber mill in Saron’s Gorge. Erik has two older brothers, Otho and Darin, and a younger sister Lydia. Growing up Erik fell in with a bad crowd, the two town bullies; Mirrek and Roy. At the same time Erik showed an unusual level of intelligence, which caught the eye of Lady Amara. While the circumstances surrounding the event are not quite clear, it was arranged for Erik to travel west to Glamis to the School of Wizardry to study. Erik left many people behind, including his childhood sweetheart Amelia Smith, who in his absence became engaged with a merchant from Dendrith. Erik recently returned to Saron’s Gorge a changed man, grown up and well taught in the arts of the arcane he carries himself with confidence and a greater understanding of who is he.

Serindë Moonshadow: Born in the Crystal Wood, in the city of Dalamara, Serindë is the eldest among three children. Her father Lenwë Moonshadow led a company of elven arches from the Crystal Wood, who assisted King Theomin III in the battle against the undead hordes from Dastana. Himself a great archer he strongly wished for his children to become enemies of the evil forces and to partake in life outside the sorcerous realm. Thus, he began to train them in the martial skills. Her younger twin brothers chose the greatsword as their favourite weapon, but Serindë chose another path. At an early stage her parents discovered a great deal of mental power in her and decided to guide her in another direction. She was meant to fight evil with her mind and so her parent decided to send her to Saron’s Gorge to stay with her uncle Saeros, the monk. They thought his experience in controlling and focusing her mental force could help her fulfil her potential.

Therefore, at the relatively young age of 80 she was sent to live among the humans in Saron’s Gorge. Though she as many crystal elves are a bit hot headed when it comes to defending her personal honour she quickly befriended some of the city’s youngsters and she began to feel at home in the town. As often as she could, Serindë went back to visit her parents, her brothers and her close friend Elemmirë who had chosen to study elven lore to become a sage like his father.

Aust Mínroth: The second son of mist elves Cúthalion and Míriel, was born on the deck of the “The Wind Song”, the great winged ship which is the home of his family and kin. A familiar guest in Saron’s Gorge, “The Wind Song” has long carried goods, timber and iron from the small village to hidden mist elf settlements across the land. From his early years Aust demonstrated a profound fascination with music and with magic and thus he was eventually sent to the Elderwood, to a distant relative, to become a priest of Corelleon Larethian. Here he stayed for many years and fell deeply in love with a mist elf called Círya. Círya, however, was not what she seemed, she was really a fey and thus she ultimately left him. The painful separation prompted Aust to leave the protection of the enchanted forest and journey back to Saron’s Gorge to find his family and to visit his friend Serindë. In the village he made fast friends with Eron and Erik, and he has also made an unlikely friendship with Balin, the dwarf innkeeper, with whom he shares a love of singing.

The party has already undertaken a few quests with each other, consisting primarily of dealing with bandits, a few Orcs and protecting lumber shipments for Erik’s father. Most recently, you all travelled with Erik to Amroth where he applied for membership in the Seekers Guild; a loosely organized society of explorer, fortune hunters and adventuring scholars, who travel the world for ancient secrets, lost magic and antique artwork

As we begin our story we find the party travelling through the Umbral Forest, hunting a wounded owlbear – responsible for repeated attacks on a nearby lumber camp.
The Map of Amroth


Saron’s Gorge


Welcome…welcome traveler to Saron’s Gorge, where we mine the finest iron in Amroth and the days are filled with wonder. I see that you are wearing a sword and armor, adventurer yes? Well if it is adventure you seek, then you have come to the right place. You know, most of Amroth was elven lands once, now there are only few elves left, some say they live in the Elderwood – I do not know if that is true or not but in the nearby Umbral Woods, I have heard of old ruins, some say old elven ruins – no doubt filled with treasure and secrets. Yes, I see your eyes light up, treasure and secrets, not bad eh? But mind you the Umbral Woods is not exactly a safe place, filled with dire wolves, goblins, and from time to time trolls from Blackmoor. As you can see the village is nestled in the mountains; where Lord Stark from time to time hunts wyvern and manticores and just on the other side of the mountains, gnolls, gnolls by the thousands. Every summer they come, into the mountains raiding and pillaging, but not to worry Lord Stark and the Royal Legions will keep us safe. Aside from this, there is plenty of work to find here for a young man as yourself, caravan guard, miner, or as an apprentice in the smithy – and the nights, oh the night – well if you have coin, then I would recommend that you spend them in Dorin’s Inn, where he serves the finest Dwarven spirits and his signature dish, rack of lamb seasoned with fresh spices and if you are lucky, then Dorin will sing. Yes, we have many wonders here in Saron’s Gorge.

Saron’s Gorge was settled more than 250 years ago, when the iron was discovered. The village was named after a large gorge discovered nearby. A small settlement quickly sprang up, mining the iron and shipping it to Dendrith for processing. The settlement was plagued by repeated raids from gnolls, and a small fort was built nearby to protect the main mountain pass leading south, and garrisoned with Royal Legionnaires. It was widely accepted that if the iron mined was not of such a high quality, the village would have been abandoned. Out of the way, from the settled lands of Amroth, Saron’s Gorge remained a small village until King Theomin III came to power 30 years ago. As a sign of favor, King Theomin III granted the lands surrounding Saron’s Gorge and the responsibility of the mining and the foresting to one of his oldest and staunchest supporters; Duke Eddard Stark. Since Duke Stark has taken over, the village has grown considerably and has now become a small town. Duke Stark built a lumber mill to process the lumber harvested in nearby Umbral Wood, and constructed a small keep, where the Stark family lives alongside their Household guards and servants. With the Duke came several of his retainers, who also settled in the town among them Lady Amara, Dorin and Volgan Ravenscar.

Saron’s Gorge is located in the South-Western tip of Amroth, nestled in the mountains, approximately, half a day from the Umbral Woods. Saron’s Gorge has grown considerably over the last 30 years to a population of approximately 1500, excluding the 100 Royal Legionnaires. Most of the people work either in the lumber mills or in the mine, but with the growth of the town several craftsmen have set-up shop in the city including a blacksmith, a tanner, carpenter and a large inn. There are also a number of shepherds, living in the mountains surrounding Saron’s Gorge, where they tend to their flocks. Once a year, they drive the sheep into town, where their wool is cut and shipped north to Amroth City. The town is divided into three; 1) the mine site, where many of the miners also live in what is being called “shack-town”, 2) the lumber mills, where the craftsmen have set-up shop and the Foaming Mug is located. There are two lumber mills in Saron’s Gorge; one built by Duke Stark which supplies much of the raw material for buildings and support for the mine and a smaller mill owned by Karl Rainier which focuses on black willow exports and 3) the town center where the keep, two general stores and the inn Dorin’s Rest is located. In the town center many of the well-to-do families live. Recently a small chapel was built in the town center, where Father Siegfried now ministers the word of Asterioth.

A short walk from the town center there is a watchtower hailing back to the founding of Saron’s Gorge, where Lady Amara lives.

About a days journey into the mountains from Saron’s Gorge lies the Royal Legion garrison led by Captain Steiner. It is a small fort guarded by 100 Royal Legionnaires, protecting the southern border of Amroth. It is not uncommon to see a few Royal Legionnaires in Saron’s Gorge.

The near-by Umbral Woods is where most of the lumber is harvested. One has to be careful when venturing into it’s darkness for trolls from the Blackmoor swamp venture there. The Umbral Woods are named for the darkness within it. This is mostly due to the black willows growing there. Black willows look much like common weeping willows do, except that the bark of their trunks is pitch black and the leaves on their branches are a dark ash gray. They are ominous and gloomy to behold but their wood is a beautiful jet black and easily takes a glossy luster if polished. Thus small groups of armed woodsmen at times go into the forest to find the finest trees as it’s timber is highly prized in lands as far south as Alakir and as far west as Talaron.

Notable characters:

Duke Eddard Stark: The lord of Saron’s Gorge and the surrounding lands. Duke Stark, also known as just “The Duke” is widely known for his exploits in the wars against Dastana, where he fought alongside King Theomin III. Duke Stark was also a strong supporter of the King during the unification of Amroth. Know as a pious and just man – he has become famous, as he insists on carrying out the King’s Justice personally. He is married to Lady Caroline, the daughter of a Nova Nastaran nobleman and the father of Bran, Arya and Sansa Stark.

Lady Amara: The Lady Amara served Duke Stark during the Dastana Wars, and since followed him to Saron’s Gorge. The Lady is a Weaver of some notability, but keeps to herself. Every so often there are wild rumors of where she is from, what she does in her tower and who her frequent visitors are. However, she has on several occasions used her spells to aid Duke Stark and the people of Saron’s Gorge, most recently when the mine collapsed. She is well-liked, but a favorite subject for gossip among the women of the town.

Volgan Ravenscar: Volgan Ravenscar is a large Vors warrior and the weapon master of the Stark household. He also leads the Household guard; 15 veterans from the Dastana Wars. Known for his great temper and his seemingly endless capacity for drinking ale, he is the favorite companion of Dorin, the innkeeper of Dorin’s Rest. Volgan used to be an adventurer before he came into the service of the Duke, and many a nights he will entertain the customers in Dorin’s Rest with outrageous stories of his skill and previous adventures.

Father Siegfried: Father Siegfried is a young cleric from Othian. He came to Saron’s Gorge at the request of Duke Stark. Ministering to the townsfolk, he is a devout cleric of Asterioth and has built a small chapel in the center of the town. He spends his time teaching the children of the town reading, religion and history. One day a week, he visits the mine, where he and his acolytes care for the miners and their families in a small hospital built by Duke Stark.

Other notable characters: Dorin Wyrmbane (innkeeper: Dorin’s Rest, dwarf), Captain Steiner (Captain of the Royal Legion), Karl Rainier (owner of the Black Willow lumber mill), Thorak Wyrmbane (Dorin’s brother), Tradis Winthrop (innkeeper: The Foaming Mug), Ulrich (blacksmith).

Rumors abound in Saron’s Gorge from gnoll incursions to troll attacks in the Umbral Woods, and wyverns attacking the sheep in the mountains. Most recently, a group of lumberjacks stumbled across some overgrown ruins in the Umbral Woods which they claimed looked ancient. Unfortunately, before they could investigate they were beset by goblins and fled. Since then a few groups of adventures have tried to find the ruins again, but unsuccessfully so far. There have also been rumors of necromancers and stillborn from Dastana infiltrating Amroth, spying, looking for weaknesses and spreading their foul magicks. Recently there was a bandit attack on one of the iron caravans to Dendrith, but it was fought off by the Royal Legionnaires. Rumor has it that Duke Stark have contracted a group of workers from Dorin’s clan to build a smelting facility and a number of forges in order to process the iron ore in Saron’s Gorge, which would lead to more jobs and further growth, but it is unclear how the merchants in Dendrith would view such a venture.

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Background of Erik Rainier

Forneden kan I læse en del af Eriks baggrundshistorie. Selv om meget af hvad der står forneden ikke er bekendt for jeres characters er det muligt at I som spillere vil nyde godt af at kende den:

The story of Erik Rainier commences in the sleepy hamlet of Saron’s Gorge some 130 miles south and west of Dendrith, by the Umbral Woods. Born to Karl and Ada Rainier on a late October night, nothing hinted at the exceptional events that would force Erik from his comfortable home and onto the path of adventure.

Karl Rainier, owner of the Saron’s Gorge lumber mill, provides well for his family and has taught his sons both hard work and the satisfaction brought by a job well done.

Ada Rainier is a loving mother, though her opinionated attitude and excessive meddling in the affairs of her children are partially to blame for Erik leaving Dendrith.

Erik has three siblings: Otho, Darin and Lydia.

Otho is four years Erik’s elder and has always been brought up as the second man in the family. Knowing that he is meant to inherit his father’s lumber mill has instilled a great sense of responsibility in Otho.

Darin who is two years older than Erik was always of a very talkative and cheerful disposition, and if any among the Rainier a ladies’ man. Darin has started courting Lea Winthrop the only child of the local innkeeper, Tradis Winthrop.

Lydia, who is three years younger than Erik, has just come of age and is about to be engaged to Bern the Younger, the son of a teamster. Lydia’s brothers have always been very protective of their little sister, which she finds rather tiresome.

Karl and Ada also live with Thea Rainier, Karl’s mother, and Lisa Rainier Karl’s grandmother. These two elderly women are today more like sisters than mother and daughter and have proven an invaluable support to Ada in the keeping of the house and the upbringing of the Rainier boys. The two are rather obstinate and it has taken Ada some years to learn how to handle them. The two have always pampered Lydia making sure her brothers treated her properly and that Ada and Karl would not know of her shenanigans.

Heedless of Karl and Ada’s warnings Lisa greatly enjoys telling her great grandsons stories of her grandfather Derek Lauthard. Who in the days of the Amrothan civil war was a war-captain in the armies of Princes Magda Ammanar, and saw final defeat en the field of Wellitar at the hands of the count Jarl of Othian and Turrel and the barons Jansburg and Tresimund.

Last of the Rainier clan is Axl Senter, who is the father of Ada. He lives in an old house in the outskirts of Saron’s Gorge and comes to the lumber mill each day to help Karl at the mill and eat with the Rainiers. Axl has always lived by the forest and it is a second home to him and it is he who has taught Erik and his brothers what they know of forestry.

On one visit to Axl’s house Erik, being at the time seven years old, found the house empty not knowing his grandfather had left for Saron’s Gorge to by supplies. Getting bored of waiting, Erik walked around the grounds of the house looking for a good stick he might use as a sword. Distracted and unaware of his surroundings Erik walked deeper and deeper into the Umbral Woods until he suddenly realized he had become lost. As darkness fell and Erik became tired and hungry he suddenly stumbled upon an old ruin. There was barely anything left besides a couple of partial walls and some debris. It then started to rain and Erik sought shelter in a hollow of sorts…
When Erik awoke he felt the sun on his face and he heard Axl’s calm voice. The rain had stopped and he was safe. Axl took him home and while sitting on his grandfather’s back Erik realized that he was clutching a small hard object in his hand. It was a strange silver ring and it would be his secret for many years. Not to wary Karl and Ada Axl told them that Erik had slept at his home due to the heavy rain the night before.

Many years later Erik had become a strapping youth. He worked at the mill with his father and brothers and was in love with the lovely girl Amelia Smith. While all seemed well Erik had fallen in with bad company. Along with his childhood friends Justin, Will, Roy and Mirrek, Erik had become somewhat of a restless youth and a brawler and would often start fights during nights out just for the sport of it. This lifestyle leads to a dramatic change in Erik’s fortune. One night having been kicked out of the Winthrop
inn and tavern the five youths where looking for trouble and someone to take it out on. At that moment they saw an elderly vagabond making his way down a narrow street and the youths blocked his way. First they started taunting the old man, but unexpected he would not be cowed and told them to “Sod off”. At this Mirrek and Roy where angered and the two brandished knives, meaning to make the old man pay for his disrespect. Though Erik, Justin and Will were all eager to rough the old man op they where surprised to see their friends drawing knives… At that moment the old man issued a loud bellow and the five ruffians where deafened by its force. Mirrek and Roy ran while the other three collapsed at the pain caused by the shout. Then as he moved towards Erik, who was still unable to stand, the man suddenly stopped gazing perplexed at Erik. The old man spoke to Erik who was unable to hear what he was saying. With surprising strength the vagabond pulled Erik to his feet and dragged him away. An hour later Erik was sitting in the forest before the old man. His hearing returned and now he could make out the words of the man who had just killed two of his friends. The vagabond spoke to Erik of the mysterious silver ring he was wearing. Erik explained how he had come upon it and the old man said that, he would spare Erik’s life if he was taken to the ruin where the ring had been found. Early next morning the two arrived at the ruin. The old man searched it without finding anything and he turned to Erik once more with a new ultimatum. He was either to serve the old vagabond for a year or the vagabond would shout again even louder than the night before and Erik would be deaf for life. Reluctantly Erik agreed and that same morning he left Saron’s Gorge in the service of a mysterious old man without a word to anyone.

Erik quickly discovered that the old man had many mysterious powers at his disposition. His name was Cullen, and Erik was quickly convinced that he was a sorcerer of some sort.

While travelling with Cullen, Erik visited many strange places and visited a dozen mysterious old mages scattered around the north, with whom Cullen would sit and debate for hours into the night.

One day Erik mustered whatever courage he had been able to find since leaving Saron’s Gorge and inquired to Cullen and his travels. Cullen’s expression turned from annoyance into a fatherly smile and he said that he was by no means a lowly sorcerer; rather he was a wizard, a man of learning and of discipline. He was on a journey of research visiting old friends, colleagues and rivals trying to gather knowledge pertinent to a project of his. He also told Erik that despite his hatred for thugs like him, he had been spared for two reasons; first of because of the ring and secondly because Cullen had sensed something else which he now was convinced was potential. The ring, Cullen said, was a legacy of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. The ring was in no way magical but it had triggered his curiosity given the history of the Wind Dukes. The Wind Dukes he said was a powerful culture that had an empire spanning vast worlds long before the mortal races where born and that the Wind Dukes waged a war upon and defeated the primordial inhabitants of the abyss, the forbearers of the tanari demons, the obyrith.

A few months later Cullen and Erik arrived at a large city, Glamis, the Pearl of the North. Cullen explained that this day was precisely one year after their first meeting and that Erik was free to leave… But Cullen also said that he now more that ever clearly saw the potential in Erik, to become a powerful wizard and that if Erik so desired Cullen would sponsor his admittance into the Glamis College of Wizardry. Cullen explained that his tuition had already been paid in full partly by his services to Cullen, but also by Lady Amara. Cullen now explained, that seeing the turn Eriks life was taking Lady Amara, who had first spotted Eriks potential, had agreed with Karl and Ada for Cullen to take him away from Saron’s Gorge and teach Erik about the world. It had been Cullen’s choice not to tell Erik any of this, for the old man found he needed to learn humility and the consequences power abuse.

Erik agreed and was admitted into the school. Erik would become apprentice to Cullen who was a master of the college. Cullen was a hard and demanding tutor as well as an inspiration. Erik quickly excelled at the arcane arts, but it was obvious to all that his true passion was the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. In his little spare time Erik would study tomes of history for clues to the Wind Dukes destiny and powers.

As Erik’s studies in the fields of magic progressed and wielding arcane spells became second nature to him, Erik found more and more time for his private research. Thus sagacious and dedicated Erik soon mastered more spells than most wizards apprentices could hope for. As Erik’s skills and knowledge grew his masters became more and more demanding of Erik. The attention of the masters was noticed by many of his fellow students and with time Erik was approached by one, Deidre Firstrom. Deidre was known for her fiery temperament her red blonde hair reflected this perfectly. Deidre was a senior student and head of the Encantati. The Encantati was an elite student society that accepted only the most talented and skilful students. Being accepted into the ranks of the Encantati meant that the teachers of the college became evermore demanding of Erik and less tolerant of his errors while they at the same time gave him more liberty to study at his own accord. Erik’s fellow Encantati proved a formidable resource and in record time Erik would graduate as a full wizard.

The next year or so Erik was the assistant of Cullen and helped his mentor with research and taught junior students of the college. Deidre who had graduated with Erik had become the assistant of one Mistress Kiera Ferran, a headmistress at the college supposed to be unparalleled in the art of conjuration. Even though Erik end Deidre’s studies would take them in different directions the two would spend much time in heated though friendly debate and became close friends.

Erik was in Glamis for a total of three years before he eventually returned home.

Upon returning he found that much had changed while he had been away. Many thought he had died and would never return. But still he was welcomed by all… mostly. He tried to visit Amelia but it had obviously been hard on her when Erik disappeared and now she was engaged to be married to a merchant from Dendrith and she refused to see him.

His old friends Roy and Mirrek were none to happy to see him either. They had become rather influential in Saron’s Gorge the last few years and had found some two dozen new “friends”. Roy and Mirrek had become influential businessmen and provided traders and craftsmen, like Erik’s father, with insurance and protection. Rumor had it that they had powerful contacts in Dendrith. Roy and Mirrek were none too happy either to see Erik return as he had learned to stand up for himself and now knew the true cowardly nature of the two.

As things had developed in Saron’s Gorge, Erik decided to travel to the city of Amroth to seek his fortune there. In Amroth Erik found employment as an archaeologist for the Museum of Ancient Art and History, and became a member of the Seekers Guild.

Erik Rainier: Human (Amroth) Wiz 3/ Hum Par 3/ Mag Tri 3/ LM 1; CR 10; Medium humanoid (human); HD 4d4+20 plus 3d8+15 plus 3d6+15; hp 89; AP 13; Init +4; Spd 30 ft.; AC 21, touch 14, flat-footed 17; Base Atk +4; Grp +4; Atk +4 melee ((1d8/ 19-20, ambersteel longsword) or +8 ranged (ranged touch); Full Atk +4 melee (1d8/ 19-20, ambersteel longsword) or +8 ranged (ranged touch);SA Storbolt; SQ Forlorn, Spontaneous Trickster, Metamagic Trick, Tricky Magic; AL N; SV Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +14; Str 11, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 22, Wis 13, Cha 16;
Skills and Feats: Appraise +7, Balance +6, Bluff +11, Concentration +16, Decipher Script +12, Diplomacy +5, Disguise +5, Intimidate +5, Jump +2, Knowledge(arcana) +19, Knowledge(dungeoneering) +16, Knowledge (nature) +10, Knowledge(religion) +19, Knowledge(the planes) +13, Search +11, Spellcraft +21, Tumble +12, Use Magic Device +16; Glamis School of Wizardry, Heroic Spirit, Scribe Scroll, Modify Spell, Craft Wondrous Item, Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword), Practiced Spellcaster (wizard), Skill Focus (Knowledge (dungeoneering), Stormbolt (cast electricity spells at +1 caster level), Energy Substitution (electricity), Action Srge.
Skill Tricks: Collector of Stories, False Theurgy, Agile Spellcaster, Impervious Spellcasting.
Languages: Common, Amrothan, Auran, Bruak, Draconic, Elven.
Wizard Spells: (4+1/6+1/5+1/4+1/3+1; save DC 16 + spell level).
Domains: Storm (cast Storm domain spells at +1 caster level), ray of frost, obscuring mist, gust of wind, lightnignbolt.

Background of Aust Mínroth

The complete background document on Aust is shown below. As close friends our characters probably know most of what is detailed below, since Aust does not try to hide any of this.

Some would claim it was a foretelling of things to come, when the mist elf Aust first opened his eyes to a burning red sky, at eventide, onboard the great winged ship which to this day houses most of his family and relatives, “The Wind Song”. This vessel is aptly named for bardic traditions run deep in the Mínroth family and many mist elves of renown have been born with this blood.

Aust is the third out of four children born to Cúthalion and Míriel Mínroth, their young counting two boys and two girls. Caranthír and Eärwyn are his older siblings, while his younger sister is Eilinel. In the early years Aust demonstrated a profound fascination with the magic which comes so easily to his kin. As child he could thus be sitting for hours and hours on the deck of “The Wind Song”, listening fervently to strong elvish voices tempering the wind with their magic songs. Or at other times he would just let himself be awed by the innate beauty of the magic which was everywhere around him, in the ship itself. Needless to say, as Aust grew into early adolescence he started to understand better the nature of what he felt and ultimately he found in Corellon Larethian, the creator of all elves and keeper of magic and music, some of the answers he was seeking. Ever seeking a deeper understanding of Corellon’s legacy he eventually started training as a priest and after some years of study his parents sent him to the elven settlements in the Elderwood, to seek the apprenticeship of his distant relative, Echtelion, a high-ranking priest.

Although at that time Aust had already seen more lands than most humans see in a lifetime - he had in fact lived a lifetime, had he been of human blood - nothing had prepared him for the wonders of the Elderwood. Here the presence of ancient elven magics was almost overwhelming, it was found everywhere: in the small settlements, protective wards, delicate gardens, artwork and music, yes even in the forest itself! And even more powerful were these sensations in Angharradhi where his master would send him from time to time, to learn at the great temples and ancient libraries.of the Seldarine.

While serving Echtelion as an acolyte, Aust met two people, who would come to change his life. The first was a somewhat younger crystal elf, Serindë Moonshadow, whom he met on one of his journeys. Serindë possessed an inner magic of her own, he had never seen before. It fascinated him, and he and Serindë became instant friends. Together they twice travelled to the Crystal Forest to the city of Dalamara, where Aust was awed by the magic and music of the Dalasathir.

The other person was a young mist elf called Círya with whom he soon fell helplessly in love. It was at that time his instructor, a master architect, had begun the construction of a magnificent temple to Corellon in the Elderwood. The work seemed to consume him and Echetelion had fast become like a man possessed. Pouring all his strength and devotion into the work, the elder priest pushed everyone aside save one, a beautiful new female acolyte named Melian who in the waking hours was rarely seen leaving the priest’s side. Aust on the other hand was mostly left to his own studies and meditation. As he delved deeper into the mysteries, the borders between the domains, between magic, the arts and elven life, seemed more and more blurred and eventually imprints began to take the form of melodies or patterns in his head, whenever he studied a spell or magical effect. Trying to articulate those imprints he attempted hard to express them through songs like the bards of “The Wind Song”. One evening, as he was singing lowly to his deity, the most beautiful mist elf maid he had ever seen suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Her name was Círya and in the months that passed she became his muse, his inspiration and his lover. With her at his side, Aust tripled his efforts and slowly but surely he began composing mighty hymns of praise that were far beyond anything he had believed himself capable off.

Meanwhile the building of Echtelion’s temple came to an end. It was truly a masterpiece and instantly brought great renown to its builder, who welcomed it. Shortly after, however, Melian disappeared, and the master architect now fell into a depression lasting months, suggesting more than words the nature of his relationship with his student. Not that Aust really noticed, since he was now fully occupied by his own artistic creations and by Círya. This also came to an abrupt end, though, and all too soon. One night when they were together as usual, Círya suddenly became very sad. Aust had never seen her this way and so he asked her what it was that troubled her so gravely. “I am not at all like you”, she explained, “It is only in this appearance that I am an elf. In my true guise I am one of the fey. I came to be the muse of your teacher, to help him create his greatest masterpiece. Unexpectedly, however, I found myself attracted to you and so I became yours as well. But now it is my time to leave you also, since this is the ways of my kind. I will leave you, though, with a parting gift that I did not leave with Echtelion: the loving touch of a fey. I think you will use it wisely, for yours is a heart with an inner fire that burns bright and true. Use it to do great things and I suspect that maybe we will see each other again some day”. With these words Círya disappeared fast into the shadows, leaving Aust to naught but despair.

In the time following her leaving, Aust frequently meditated on the words of the fey, trying to fathom their meaning. Determined not to let her down and to get on with “the making”, he eventually decided that it was time for him to leave the Elderwood too, which he did shortly after being elevated to the status of a full priest of Corellon. Yearning to see his family again, he travelled over land to the village of Saron’s Gorge, where the “The Wind Song” would anchor from time to time, and where Serindë was living now. The journey was full of event and would probably have cost him his life several times over, had he not developed a keen eye for the true intentions of the heart. At last Aust reached Saron’s Gorge, which has now become his home of sorts, and where he has made many new friends including Eron Sunbow and Erik Rainier.

Aust Mínroth; Priest 4; CR 4; Medium humanoid (mist elf); HD 4d6+8; hp 28; AP 7; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14; Base Atk +2; Grp +3; Atk +3 melee (1d4+1/19-20, x2, dagger) or +7 ranged (1d8+1, x3, mw comp longbow); SA turn undead; SQ mist elf traits, magical fascination, willful fortitude, divine spell power, improved spontaneity (1/day); AL NG; SV Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +8; Str 13, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 16.
Skills and feats: Concentration +8, Diplomacy +14, Heal +9, Knowledge (arcana) +5, Knowledge (religion) +10, Knowledge (planes) +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Listen +6, Perform (singing) +9, Search +6, Sense Motive +11, Spellcraft +11, Spot +6, Spellcasting Prodigy, Education, Negotiator, Zen Archery, Point Blank Shot.
Priest spells: (4/5+1/3+1; save DC 14 + spell level).
Domains: Elf, Artist.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Todd Lockwood's, Silver Dragon

This painting, by Todd Lockwood, portrais very well how I envision the Great Wyrm of Nastara, Chromisthis.