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Background of Erik Rainier

Forneden kan I læse en del af Eriks baggrundshistorie. Selv om meget af hvad der står forneden ikke er bekendt for jeres characters er det muligt at I som spillere vil nyde godt af at kende den:

The story of Erik Rainier commences in the sleepy hamlet of Saron’s Gorge some 130 miles south and west of Dendrith, by the Umbral Woods. Born to Karl and Ada Rainier on a late October night, nothing hinted at the exceptional events that would force Erik from his comfortable home and onto the path of adventure.

Karl Rainier, owner of the Saron’s Gorge lumber mill, provides well for his family and has taught his sons both hard work and the satisfaction brought by a job well done.

Ada Rainier is a loving mother, though her opinionated attitude and excessive meddling in the affairs of her children are partially to blame for Erik leaving Dendrith.

Erik has three siblings: Otho, Darin and Lydia.

Otho is four years Erik’s elder and has always been brought up as the second man in the family. Knowing that he is meant to inherit his father’s lumber mill has instilled a great sense of responsibility in Otho.

Darin who is two years older than Erik was always of a very talkative and cheerful disposition, and if any among the Rainier a ladies’ man. Darin has started courting Lea Winthrop the only child of the local innkeeper, Tradis Winthrop.

Lydia, who is three years younger than Erik, has just come of age and is about to be engaged to Bern the Younger, the son of a teamster. Lydia’s brothers have always been very protective of their little sister, which she finds rather tiresome.

Karl and Ada also live with Thea Rainier, Karl’s mother, and Lisa Rainier Karl’s grandmother. These two elderly women are today more like sisters than mother and daughter and have proven an invaluable support to Ada in the keeping of the house and the upbringing of the Rainier boys. The two are rather obstinate and it has taken Ada some years to learn how to handle them. The two have always pampered Lydia making sure her brothers treated her properly and that Ada and Karl would not know of her shenanigans.

Heedless of Karl and Ada’s warnings Lisa greatly enjoys telling her great grandsons stories of her grandfather Derek Lauthard. Who in the days of the Amrothan civil war was a war-captain in the armies of Princes Magda Ammanar, and saw final defeat en the field of Wellitar at the hands of the count Jarl of Othian and Turrel and the barons Jansburg and Tresimund.

Last of the Rainier clan is Axl Senter, who is the father of Ada. He lives in an old house in the outskirts of Saron’s Gorge and comes to the lumber mill each day to help Karl at the mill and eat with the Rainiers. Axl has always lived by the forest and it is a second home to him and it is he who has taught Erik and his brothers what they know of forestry.

On one visit to Axl’s house Erik, being at the time seven years old, found the house empty not knowing his grandfather had left for Saron’s Gorge to by supplies. Getting bored of waiting, Erik walked around the grounds of the house looking for a good stick he might use as a sword. Distracted and unaware of his surroundings Erik walked deeper and deeper into the Umbral Woods until he suddenly realized he had become lost. As darkness fell and Erik became tired and hungry he suddenly stumbled upon an old ruin. There was barely anything left besides a couple of partial walls and some debris. It then started to rain and Erik sought shelter in a hollow of sorts…
When Erik awoke he felt the sun on his face and he heard Axl’s calm voice. The rain had stopped and he was safe. Axl took him home and while sitting on his grandfather’s back Erik realized that he was clutching a small hard object in his hand. It was a strange silver ring and it would be his secret for many years. Not to wary Karl and Ada Axl told them that Erik had slept at his home due to the heavy rain the night before.

Many years later Erik had become a strapping youth. He worked at the mill with his father and brothers and was in love with the lovely girl Amelia Smith. While all seemed well Erik had fallen in with bad company. Along with his childhood friends Justin, Will, Roy and Mirrek, Erik had become somewhat of a restless youth and a brawler and would often start fights during nights out just for the sport of it. This lifestyle leads to a dramatic change in Erik’s fortune. One night having been kicked out of the Winthrop
inn and tavern the five youths where looking for trouble and someone to take it out on. At that moment they saw an elderly vagabond making his way down a narrow street and the youths blocked his way. First they started taunting the old man, but unexpected he would not be cowed and told them to “Sod off”. At this Mirrek and Roy where angered and the two brandished knives, meaning to make the old man pay for his disrespect. Though Erik, Justin and Will were all eager to rough the old man op they where surprised to see their friends drawing knives… At that moment the old man issued a loud bellow and the five ruffians where deafened by its force. Mirrek and Roy ran while the other three collapsed at the pain caused by the shout. Then as he moved towards Erik, who was still unable to stand, the man suddenly stopped gazing perplexed at Erik. The old man spoke to Erik who was unable to hear what he was saying. With surprising strength the vagabond pulled Erik to his feet and dragged him away. An hour later Erik was sitting in the forest before the old man. His hearing returned and now he could make out the words of the man who had just killed two of his friends. The vagabond spoke to Erik of the mysterious silver ring he was wearing. Erik explained how he had come upon it and the old man said that, he would spare Erik’s life if he was taken to the ruin where the ring had been found. Early next morning the two arrived at the ruin. The old man searched it without finding anything and he turned to Erik once more with a new ultimatum. He was either to serve the old vagabond for a year or the vagabond would shout again even louder than the night before and Erik would be deaf for life. Reluctantly Erik agreed and that same morning he left Saron’s Gorge in the service of a mysterious old man without a word to anyone.

Erik quickly discovered that the old man had many mysterious powers at his disposition. His name was Cullen, and Erik was quickly convinced that he was a sorcerer of some sort.

While travelling with Cullen, Erik visited many strange places and visited a dozen mysterious old mages scattered around the north, with whom Cullen would sit and debate for hours into the night.

One day Erik mustered whatever courage he had been able to find since leaving Saron’s Gorge and inquired to Cullen and his travels. Cullen’s expression turned from annoyance into a fatherly smile and he said that he was by no means a lowly sorcerer; rather he was a wizard, a man of learning and of discipline. He was on a journey of research visiting old friends, colleagues and rivals trying to gather knowledge pertinent to a project of his. He also told Erik that despite his hatred for thugs like him, he had been spared for two reasons; first of because of the ring and secondly because Cullen had sensed something else which he now was convinced was potential. The ring, Cullen said, was a legacy of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. The ring was in no way magical but it had triggered his curiosity given the history of the Wind Dukes. The Wind Dukes he said was a powerful culture that had an empire spanning vast worlds long before the mortal races where born and that the Wind Dukes waged a war upon and defeated the primordial inhabitants of the abyss, the forbearers of the tanari demons, the obyrith.

A few months later Cullen and Erik arrived at a large city, Glamis, the Pearl of the North. Cullen explained that this day was precisely one year after their first meeting and that Erik was free to leave… But Cullen also said that he now more that ever clearly saw the potential in Erik, to become a powerful wizard and that if Erik so desired Cullen would sponsor his admittance into the Glamis College of Wizardry. Cullen explained that his tuition had already been paid in full partly by his services to Cullen, but also by Lady Amara. Cullen now explained, that seeing the turn Eriks life was taking Lady Amara, who had first spotted Eriks potential, had agreed with Karl and Ada for Cullen to take him away from Saron’s Gorge and teach Erik about the world. It had been Cullen’s choice not to tell Erik any of this, for the old man found he needed to learn humility and the consequences power abuse.

Erik agreed and was admitted into the school. Erik would become apprentice to Cullen who was a master of the college. Cullen was a hard and demanding tutor as well as an inspiration. Erik quickly excelled at the arcane arts, but it was obvious to all that his true passion was the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. In his little spare time Erik would study tomes of history for clues to the Wind Dukes destiny and powers.

As Erik’s studies in the fields of magic progressed and wielding arcane spells became second nature to him, Erik found more and more time for his private research. Thus sagacious and dedicated Erik soon mastered more spells than most wizards apprentices could hope for. As Erik’s skills and knowledge grew his masters became more and more demanding of Erik. The attention of the masters was noticed by many of his fellow students and with time Erik was approached by one, Deidre Firstrom. Deidre was known for her fiery temperament her red blonde hair reflected this perfectly. Deidre was a senior student and head of the Encantati. The Encantati was an elite student society that accepted only the most talented and skilful students. Being accepted into the ranks of the Encantati meant that the teachers of the college became evermore demanding of Erik and less tolerant of his errors while they at the same time gave him more liberty to study at his own accord. Erik’s fellow Encantati proved a formidable resource and in record time Erik would graduate as a full wizard.

The next year or so Erik was the assistant of Cullen and helped his mentor with research and taught junior students of the college. Deidre who had graduated with Erik had become the assistant of one Mistress Kiera Ferran, a headmistress at the college supposed to be unparalleled in the art of conjuration. Even though Erik end Deidre’s studies would take them in different directions the two would spend much time in heated though friendly debate and became close friends.

Erik was in Glamis for a total of three years before he eventually returned home.

Upon returning he found that much had changed while he had been away. Many thought he had died and would never return. But still he was welcomed by all… mostly. He tried to visit Amelia but it had obviously been hard on her when Erik disappeared and now she was engaged to be married to a merchant from Dendrith and she refused to see him.

His old friends Roy and Mirrek were none to happy to see him either. They had become rather influential in Saron’s Gorge the last few years and had found some two dozen new “friends”. Roy and Mirrek had become influential businessmen and provided traders and craftsmen, like Erik’s father, with insurance and protection. Rumor had it that they had powerful contacts in Dendrith. Roy and Mirrek were none too happy either to see Erik return as he had learned to stand up for himself and now knew the true cowardly nature of the two.

As things had developed in Saron’s Gorge, Erik decided to travel to the city of Amroth to seek his fortune there. In Amroth Erik found employment as an archaeologist for the Museum of Ancient Art and History, and became a member of the Seekers Guild.

Erik Rainier: Human (Amroth) Wiz 3/ Hum Par 3/ Mag Tri 3/ LM 1; CR 10; Medium humanoid (human); HD 4d4+20 plus 3d8+15 plus 3d6+15; hp 89; AP 13; Init +4; Spd 30 ft.; AC 21, touch 14, flat-footed 17; Base Atk +4; Grp +4; Atk +4 melee ((1d8/ 19-20, ambersteel longsword) or +8 ranged (ranged touch); Full Atk +4 melee (1d8/ 19-20, ambersteel longsword) or +8 ranged (ranged touch);SA Storbolt; SQ Forlorn, Spontaneous Trickster, Metamagic Trick, Tricky Magic; AL N; SV Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +14; Str 11, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 22, Wis 13, Cha 16;
Skills and Feats: Appraise +7, Balance +6, Bluff +11, Concentration +16, Decipher Script +12, Diplomacy +5, Disguise +5, Intimidate +5, Jump +2, Knowledge(arcana) +19, Knowledge(dungeoneering) +16, Knowledge (nature) +10, Knowledge(religion) +19, Knowledge(the planes) +13, Search +11, Spellcraft +21, Tumble +12, Use Magic Device +16; Glamis School of Wizardry, Heroic Spirit, Scribe Scroll, Modify Spell, Craft Wondrous Item, Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword), Practiced Spellcaster (wizard), Skill Focus (Knowledge (dungeoneering), Stormbolt (cast electricity spells at +1 caster level), Energy Substitution (electricity), Action Srge.
Skill Tricks: Collector of Stories, False Theurgy, Agile Spellcaster, Impervious Spellcasting.
Languages: Common, Amrothan, Auran, Bruak, Draconic, Elven.
Wizard Spells: (4+1/6+1/5+1/4+1/3+1; save DC 16 + spell level).
Domains: Storm (cast Storm domain spells at +1 caster level), ray of frost, obscuring mist, gust of wind, lightnignbolt.

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