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The Avern year has 360 days, and is divided into twelve 30 day months. The first day of the year is the day after the Winter Solstice, and is the first day of the Midwinter month.

According to the common calendar the months are called: Midwinter, Cromtyth, The Thawing, The Seeding, Sharythal, Greenwind, Highsun, Harvesttide, Sélfarin, Leaffall, Stormhall, and Eris-sar.

These names are derived from the old druidic calendar and the ecclesiastic calendar.

Each month is consistent with a Sélfas-till or lunar cycle. The months are themselves divided into three ten day weeks. The days of the week are called: Luen, Maith, Mercher, Liaith, Gwener, Saten, Silen, Wythan, Naith, and Deggan.

Liaith also called Midrest is not a typical working day. It is the big market day, where people visit nearby towns to trade and barter.

Naith and Deggan are not working days either. Naith is by most faiths the temple day, where people go to mass at the temple of their patron deity. The remainder of the day is typically spent with family or friends preparing the Supper of the Faithful, which is an important bonding ritual for most families. Deggan is typically a day of merriment and relaxation where people put thoughts of work aside until Luen.

These festive days are observed by most common people of the heart lands, though exceptions are common during busy seasons such as harvest season.

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