Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Current Events


Recently Amroth faced the gravest threat from Dastana, the land of the Undead, since the Scourge of Morgul swept the land. The undead invaded Amroth in several locations, empowered by the Veil of Morgul. With the Veil effectively cutting off all divine magic, rendering clerics and paladins almost powerless – the undead advanced with great speed and the Royal Legion suffered a series of devastating defeats. It was not until a Knight of the Trinity, Duncan Fenwick recovered the relic “the Heart of the Sun”, that the Royal Legion was able to effectively fight back. In a number of hard-won battles, the tide of undead was stopped and the invasion halted. With the help of their allies; knights of Nova Nastara, the numerous mercenary companies in Amroth, and the churches of Asterioth and Helios, the Royal Legion has been able to drive the undead back – once again reaching a stalemate.
These days the endless skirmishes continue centered around the border with Dastana.
In response to this most recent threat, King Theomin III has begun the construction of the Royal College of War Magic, for the training of War mages. Aside from this, a number of rumours abound, chief among them that the King is planning an invasion into Dastana to once and for all cease the initiative and that the King plans to create a draft; making it law that all men aged 18-24 serve in the Royal Legion for at least one year, and that they remain available for duty until they reach 34.

Character introductions

Here follows a brief introduction to the characters of the party. Most of you have known each other for a number of years, probably since you were teenagers.

Eron Sunbow: Eron hails from a wealthy noble family, one of the few remaining in Amroth. He is the youngest of four brothers. His family are long time friends and allies of the Stark family, Eron’s father and Duke Stark fought together in service of the King. It was only natural that when Eron was 14 years old he was sent to Saron’s Gorge as the ward of the Stark family – to learn the warriors craft and experience life on the frontier. Eron has been taught to fight with the greatsword by Volgan Ravenscar, the Vors weapon master of House Stark – and has over the years developed a unique fighting style combining speed and strength. Eron is well liked in Saron’s Gorge and is know for being very protective of his honor, a trait which has gotten him into trouble on several occasions.

Erik Rainier: Erik is the son of Karl and Ada Rainier, Karl being the owner of the Black Willow lumber mill in Saron’s Gorge. Erik has two older brothers, Otho and Darin, and a younger sister Lydia. Growing up Erik fell in with a bad crowd, the two town bullies; Mirrek and Roy. At the same time Erik showed an unusual level of intelligence, which caught the eye of Lady Amara. While the circumstances surrounding the event are not quite clear, it was arranged for Erik to travel west to Glamis to the School of Wizardry to study. Erik left many people behind, including his childhood sweetheart Amelia Smith, who in his absence became engaged with a merchant from Dendrith. Erik recently returned to Saron’s Gorge a changed man, grown up and well taught in the arts of the arcane he carries himself with confidence and a greater understanding of who is he.

Serindë Moonshadow: Born in the Crystal Wood, in the city of Dalamara, Serindë is the eldest among three children. Her father Lenwë Moonshadow led a company of elven arches from the Crystal Wood, who assisted King Theomin III in the battle against the undead hordes from Dastana. Himself a great archer he strongly wished for his children to become enemies of the evil forces and to partake in life outside the sorcerous realm. Thus, he began to train them in the martial skills. Her younger twin brothers chose the greatsword as their favourite weapon, but Serindë chose another path. At an early stage her parents discovered a great deal of mental power in her and decided to guide her in another direction. She was meant to fight evil with her mind and so her parent decided to send her to Saron’s Gorge to stay with her uncle Saeros, the monk. They thought his experience in controlling and focusing her mental force could help her fulfil her potential.

Therefore, at the relatively young age of 80 she was sent to live among the humans in Saron’s Gorge. Though she as many crystal elves are a bit hot headed when it comes to defending her personal honour she quickly befriended some of the city’s youngsters and she began to feel at home in the town. As often as she could, Serindë went back to visit her parents, her brothers and her close friend Elemmirë who had chosen to study elven lore to become a sage like his father.

Aust Mínroth: The second son of mist elves Cúthalion and Míriel, was born on the deck of the “The Wind Song”, the great winged ship which is the home of his family and kin. A familiar guest in Saron’s Gorge, “The Wind Song” has long carried goods, timber and iron from the small village to hidden mist elf settlements across the land. From his early years Aust demonstrated a profound fascination with music and with magic and thus he was eventually sent to the Elderwood, to a distant relative, to become a priest of Corelleon Larethian. Here he stayed for many years and fell deeply in love with a mist elf called Círya. Círya, however, was not what she seemed, she was really a fey and thus she ultimately left him. The painful separation prompted Aust to leave the protection of the enchanted forest and journey back to Saron’s Gorge to find his family and to visit his friend Serindë. In the village he made fast friends with Eron and Erik, and he has also made an unlikely friendship with Balin, the dwarf innkeeper, with whom he shares a love of singing.

The party has already undertaken a few quests with each other, consisting primarily of dealing with bandits, a few Orcs and protecting lumber shipments for Erik’s father. Most recently, you all travelled with Erik to Amroth where he applied for membership in the Seekers Guild; a loosely organized society of explorer, fortune hunters and adventuring scholars, who travel the world for ancient secrets, lost magic and antique artwork

As we begin our story we find the party travelling through the Umbral Forest, hunting a wounded owlbear – responsible for repeated attacks on a nearby lumber camp.

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