Thursday, March 15, 2007

Excerpts from the Seeker's Journal of Seeker Erik Raignier, part II.


Gwener, Harvesttide 15th.
Today we arrived at The Free City of Valon, named so in honor of the civil revolt backed by the University of Magical Arts that deposed the nobility of the city.

We met Eligos who was quite willing to aid us. He seemed surprised that Alustan had sent us but was kind enough to recommend an inn in the Foreign Quarter, or Midnight’s Muddle, we could stay at. Eligos will probably need two weeks of research.

The Crooked House is a nice place and the prices are very reasonable as the owner, a gnome named Tarquin Shortstone XXVI, obviously favors Eligos’ acquaintances.

Saten, Harvesttide 16th.
I have signed up at the university. I have been asked to lecture there as the study techniques I have learned in Glamis are unheard of here. The wizard Pateris sells a number of magical devices, he is very well stocked and as a member I get a 10% discount on all scrolls and magical components.

We have been to the bazaar and have seen much of the Muddle. We have sold what goods we brought with us.

Silen, Harvesttide 17th.
I have delivered the crates we have brought from the Whispering Cairn to the guild of Seekers. I expect a public exhibition will be arranged so that new sponsors will gain interest in the guild’s work.

Naith, Harvesttide 19th.
We where making our way from Elberak’s magic shop in the bazaar to Josiel’s Baths when we crossed paths with a large parade. There where jugglers and caged beasts. Someone told me it was the Championship Game parade. Suddenly a cage was torn asunder and a blueheaded chimera was loose among the crowd. We came upon the beast with decisive force and subdued it before it could harm any bystanders.

The arena beast master suggested we enter the games which will start in a few weeks.

Luen, Harvesttide 20th.
A goblin approached Baruk today. Baruk took us to an abandoned warehouse where a sort of fight club was hanging out. The contests are unarmed and not to the death. A bugbear that goes by the name of Hairy Pete acts as referee. Baruk fought a half-orc and won with little trouble.

Liaith, Harvesttide 24th.
We have been to the Blueberry theatre and have seen some uncanny political satire and ended the day at Murdo’s, where we had a very fine meal.

Wythan, Harvesttide 28th.
An odd thing happened this evening. Someone tried to kill Tarquin in a crowded tap room. Worse yet the assassin looked exactly as Eron. We managed to save Tarquin and after a long hard struggle we captured the attacker. Eron and Aust just barely talked the patrons out of going into frenzy. I examined the attacker and nothing suggests he had magically disguised himself. He was carrying the “murder weapon” though and we have no doubt that we caught the right “man”. Baruk suggests that the assassin might have been a doppleganger.

Naith, Harvesttide 29th.
We followed up on some clues and found that a key we took from the alleged doppelganger belonged at a certain warehouse by the docks. The place appeared abandoned but closer scrutiny reveals that it sees some use even today.

After entering the warehouse some large crates lashed at Amrod and Aust with sticky pseudopods. The crates had wide mouths with sharp teeth. There is no doubt that these where mimics. We defeated the mimics but had to wait some time before the two elves could come loose as only strong alcohol can dissolve the mimic adhesive.

We searched the warehouse and found a secret door!

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