Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Excerpts from Aust's Personal Notes, II

Saving Allustan

Erik had now been returned to us and thus it was time to consider the other immediate task at hand: to track down Allustan. A powerful prayer of scrying revealed to me that the mage was indeed somewhere underground, probably in the Whispering Cairn. Though he seemed to be somehow in suspended animation, it was obvious that he was gravely wounded and deteriorating by the hour, and so it was equally apparent to all of us that any further delay might prove terminal. Without hesitation we therefore set out for Diamond Lake and the Whispering Cairn at once and as fast as our feet would carry us. Since Erik had not yet been able to replace his spellbook it was decided to leave him behind in Diamond Lake while the rest of us would continue the search for Allustan. Amrod too stayed behind to watch the loremaster's back and to help him acquire some of the rarer components, he would need for his spells.

Arriving at the Whispering Cairn the others carefully revealed to me their new findings. When told about the intelligent spider, which Erik had called a “phase spider”, I suggested that we should try and find it to negotiate for Eron’s weapon and shield and perhaps learn more. All our efforts in this endeavour, however, availed us naught and instead we turned our focus to exploring the caves. Eventually we reached the cave where the others had encountered the Black Pudding last. Having learned our lessons the hard way, we attacked it using spells and missile weapons only while keeping far out of its reach. As a result it was quickly disposed off. Still deeper inside the complex we came upon a bridge across the Red River, we knew to be around here somewhere. Close by lured a dread wraith, similar to the one in Tharan, who was insistent on blocking our path. The undead attacked us on sight, before withdrawing back into the safety of the walls. Unable to anticipate its next strike there was nothing we could do really but wait, while I bolstered myself by prayer and a handy talisman, I had obtained in the Free City. Finally, the wraith reappeared if only to be utterly destroyed by the power of good harnessed against it.

Not long after we found Allustan, who had been caught in an elaborate trap and now hang suspended inside a magic sphere of some sort. Worse yet, the sphere was protected by an iron needle, which every moment would send a powerful destructive lightning bolt in the direction of whomever would enter the room. Luckily for us the devious trap could be temporarily foiled by a simple dispel magic spell, enabling us to free Allustan. After a few initial inquiries it was decided to return to Diamond Lake, where questions could be asked and answers given without fear of other perils that no doubt still lurk in the depths of the Whispering Cairn.